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Better clinical management. Better patient engagement. 

Envoy is the only customizable pharmacy therapy management solution that collects, aggregates and delivers real-world evidence on the impact of clinical outcomes to the cost of care, adherence and product utilization.

Utilize Disease and Drug-specific Assessments and Care Plans

Envoy begins with a cloud-based, secure, HIPAA-compliant environment where information is pre-populated into assessment forms from the patient's electronic medical record. This means no duplication of information entry. Customized assessments can be designed for up to five therapies per patient, based on the specific comorbidities by disease state, therapy and product.

Patient-driven input is provided through the Homebase portal for collection of social and medical history. Clinicians utilize the Scout native mobile application, both online and offline, as part of their workflow for nurse assessments, notes and collection of patient data, as well as patient scheduling and dosing.

Deliver and Track Patient Education

Whether for improved adherence or supporting REMS requirements, through Envoy, delivering and tracking of patient education is easy. A comprehensive resource library includes disease-specific content that can be assigned directly to the individual patient. Product-specific content can also be included in the resource library.

Communicate Directly between Your Pharmacy Team and the Patient

Envoy is the only specialty pharmacy therapy management solution that offers streamlined, bi-directional communication between the care team and patient, allowing for critical dialog and consistent delivery of messaging across the care team.

Standardize and Aggregate Clinical Data at the Point of Care

Unlike other clinical therapy management software, the Envoy solution is designed around the workflow of the clinician. This means the clinical data is being collected as care is being administered. Data points are standardized as part of this assessment process and the end result is the ability to track metrics like quality of life scores based on changes over time by therapy, product utilization and the cost of care


Mobile application for nurse assessments, notes and collection of patient data


Portal for patient-driven input of social/medical history

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